This page provides information about Julia Lajta-Novak’s lectures, research trips and further news and activities.



25 Oct Keynote lecture: “Speaking to Young Adults: Kat François’s Spoken-Word Show Raising Lazarus as Inspirational Auto/Biography,” ‘Beyond Boundaries. Authorship and Readership in Life Writing’ conference, University of Tilburg.
 23 May Book launch “Life Writing and Celebrity” and “Experiments in Life Writing”, English Studies Library, University of Vienna


8 Nov Guest lecture: “Poetry Off the Page: The (Literary?) Economy of the Spoken Word, ” Literature, Arts and the Creative Industries lecture series, University of Salzburg
22 March Conference paper: Performing Re-Memory: Kat Francois’ Spoken-Word-Show Raising Lazarus as Embodied Auto/Biography, On Whose Terms? Ten Years On conference, Goldsmiths University of London
1 March Workshop paper: “Reading Fiction as Biography: Novelistic Afterlives of Historical Women Artists,” Young Academy Science Days (OeAW), Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienna


16 Nov Co-convenor of the 12th Workshop of the Biography Research Network, with Sidonie Smith and Julia Watson
24 Oct Lecture: Virginia Woolf and Life-Writing,” VO Virginia Woolf’s Modernism(s), University of Vienna
10 July Workshop: Manifestations of the Carnivalesque: Reading (with) Bakhtin,” Vienna Irish Studies and Cultural Theories Summer School, University of Vienna
 19 May Conference paper: “When Poetry Meets Performance: Kat Francois’ Spoken-Word Show Raising Lazarus as Embodied Auto-/Biography,” Situated in Translation conference, University of Hamburg
25 Mar Conference paper: “Postmodern Feminism to Postfeminism: Generic Layering in Biofictions about Women Artists,” Postmodernist Biofiction conference, University of Reading
8 Mar Elise Richter Awards, FWF
24 Feb Launch of the new Journal of Historical Fictions, second conference of the Historical Fictions Research Network, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich
26 Jan Guest lecture: “Restoration Verse Satire as Life-Writing: Reading Nell Gwyn,” University of Bamberg


19 Nov Conference paper: “From Celebrity ‘Whore’ to Romantic Heroine: Images of Nell Gwyn in Restoration Satire and Contemporary Biofiction”, Celebiography conference, University of Oxford
24-26 Aug Co-convenor of three “Life-Writing and Celebrity” panels at the 2016 conference of the European Society for the Study of English (ESSE), Galway
22 June Convenor: Panel Discussion “The Ethics of Biographical Fiction”, King’s College London, University of London
27 Apr Laudatory speech for Dr. Caitríona Ní Dhúill, Käthe Leichter Guest Professor, University of Vienna
28 Feb Conference paper: “Feminist to Postfeminist: Generic Layering in Biofictions about Famous Women Artists”, Inaugural conference of the Historical Fictions Research Network, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge
18 Feb Appointed Visiting Professor of English and Anglophone Literatures at the University of Vienna, summer term 2016
14 Jan Guest lecture: “Re-Imagining Famous Women Artists: Fictional and Filmic Afterlives,” Cultures of Celebrity lecture series, University of Vienna


17 Dec Guest lecture: “Spoken Word Poetry.” Literature in the Arts Context lecture series, University of Salzburg
13 Sep Guest lecture: “The Novelistic Afterlives of Elizabeth Barrett Browning,” The Browning Society, St Marylebone Parish Church, London
5 June

Conference convenor: “Biography and/as Experimental Fiction“, Goldsmiths University of London. Conference Report:


26 Apr Conference paper: “Re-Examining the Public/Private Dichotomy in Biographical Fictions about Historical Women Artists,” Writing Women’s Lives, Bath Spa University
17 Apr Marie Andeßner Scholarship
The University of Salzburg’s Marie Andeßner Habilitationsstipendium is a two-year peer-reviewed postdoctoral grant, named after Austrian travel writer Marie Andeßner (1833 – 1906).
15 Apr

Excellence in Teaching Award
The University of Salzburg’s “Preis für hervorragende Lehre” (Excellence in Teaching Award) for Proseminar “Myths of Britishness”

Excellence in Teaching Award Julia Lajta-Novak

30 Jan Guest lecture: “Romantic Heroine to Political Poet: Novelistic Afterlives of Elizabeth Barrett Browning”, University of Gießen


2 Dec “Sounding the Word: Poetry Slam in Class.” Workshop for EFL teachers, University of Salzburg/Plus Kultur
28 Sep Conference paper: “The Woman Poet in Fiction: Novelistic Afterlives of Elizabeth Barrett Browning”, Women Writing across Cultures, University of Oxford
27 Sep “Die Künstlerin in der Literatur”, article about biofiction project in Die Presse (“Portrait”)
24 Sep Guest lecture: “Elizabeth Barrett Browning in Fiction: Gendering Novelistic Afterlives“, King’s College London
22-23 Sep Co-convenor “Poetry & Performance” panels, Anglistentag 2014, University of Hannover
1 Sep Conference paper: “Romantic Heroine to Political Poet: Novelistic Afterlives of Elizabeth Barrett Browning”, ESSE  2014, University of Kosice
June – Sep Visiting Research Fellow, King’s College London, Centre for Life-Writing Research
14 June Lecture: “Biography to Romance: Fictionalising Nell Gwyn”, The Many Faces of Biography lecture series, University of Vienna
19 May Conference paper: “Remembering the Author in Fiction: Novelistic Afterlives of Elizabeth Barrett Browning”, Invention and Memory in Biography Workshop Conference, University of Salzburg
14 May Short review presentation of “The Postfeminist Biopic” by Bronwyn Polaschek, Netzwerk Biographieforschung (Network of Biography Researchers), University of Vienna
26 Apr Guest lecture/workshop: “Poetry in Action: Poetry in the EFL Classroom.” New Trends in ELT, Teachers of English in Austria, University of Vienna
13 Mar Lecture series “The Many Faces of Biography“, co-organised with Prof. Werner Huber: introductory session on biography theory/methodology


26 Nov Guest lecture: “The (Re-)Making of Clara Wieck-Schumann: Celebrity and Gender in Biofiction”, Celebrity Seminar, University of Vienna
22 Nov Conference paper: “Nell Gwyn in Contemporary Romance Novels: Biography, Individuality, and the Dictates of ‘Genre Literature’,” Genre/Genres, Université Paris-Est Créteil
13 Nov Guest lecture: “Nell Gwyn: A Dubious Romantic Heroine in Biographical Novels of the 21st Century”, St Anne’s College, Oxford University
2 Nov Conference paper: “Nell Gwyn in Contemporary Romance Novels: Biography and the Dictates of ‘Genre Literature'”,  IABA 2013
Oct-Nov University of Oxford, English Faculty: Visiting Researcher
22 July “Mit Bleistift und feministischer Brille” article about biofiction project in Der Standard (“Geistesblitz”)
19 June Live Interview about biofiction project on radio Ö1 (“Von Tag zu Tag”)
17 June Article about my project in the University’s Research Newsletter
27 Apr Conference paper: “Disparate Images: The ‘Work vs Life’ Topos in Contemporary Biofictions about Victorian Authors”, with Sandra Mayer, AAUTE Conference “Images”, Salzburg
17 Jan “Performing Resistance: Caribbean Poets on Stage.” Guest lecture, inv. by Dr Melissa Kennedy, University of Vienna


3 Nov “Space in Fictionalised Biographies of Historical Women Artists”. Conference paper, international conference on “Thinking Space”, Humboldt University Berlin
26 Sep “The (Re-)Making of Clara Wieck-Schumann: Celebrity and Gender in Biofiction”. Guest lecture, King’s College London
Sep King’s College London, Centre for Life-Writing Research: Visiting Research Fellow
2 May Guest lecture: “Live Poetry: Approaching Poetry in Performance.” University of Augsburg